August Pop Up Classes

Three fun one-time workshops with our dancers!

  • 1 hour
  • 15 US dollars
  • Texas Avenue

Service Description

Afro Latin Heels, Afro-Contemporary, Afro Colombian Afro Latin Heels with Dee "Heels" dancing taught in studios as a unique genre emerged in the early 2010s. It is characterized by a sensual and hyper-feminine affect and (of course) wearing high heeled shoes! Dee teaches a "Bedroom Baddie" heels class and will be fusing her style with flavor of the dances we do in the company. Heels are optional but they should be well-secured and comfortable! Afro Latin Contemporary with Samantha The word "contemporary" literally means of the current moment. Dances of Black and Indigenous cultures are often characterized as solely "folk" or "traditional" when in fact these dances are living, breathing, changing practices! The mambo, bachata, reggaetón, and samba you see in competitions, music videos, and congresses don't look exactly like they did in 1988! Samantha will give a class blending her favourite contemporary movement! Mapalé with Giselle This will be a great class for lovers of West African dance! Colombia's Mapalé is a perfect example of Africanist aesthetics in movement. Polyrhythm, polycentricism, and utilizing call and response are central aspects of this energetic class taught by Giselle!

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