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Black Mermaids in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated: Jul 2

“Mermaiding” is a growing hobby and profession, in which people of all ages and backgrounds might don mermaid tails to either swim, perform, or just hang out and talk about all things fishy! Amara Arts offers mermaid performers in Saint Louis, Missouri who can swim at your pool party, read a story, or pose for photos at your event. Since we are a performance company based on Black diasporic arts, our mermaids are inspired by goddesses and legends of the Black Atlantic.

Do you want to be a mermaid?

Brown skinned mermaid from Saint Louis Missouri in a green Fin fun tail sits in a waterfall with a starfish next to her
Photo of Mermaid Charis by Cami Thomas, 2019

Becoming a Mermaid

Safety is key! As Circus Siren Pod from Netflix’ “Merpeople” , likes to say: “no dead mermaids”! Learn to swim well before trying on a tail in the water and always practice your mermaid moves with a buddy or a lifeguard around. Create your “mersona” by purchasing a tail (Fin Fun is my recommended starter tail! Watch all the videos!) and doing some thinking about where your character comes from and what they think is important. Are you a mermaid who wants to use the glam to convince people to save endangered sharks and turtles? Or do you just want to hang out and make party guests feel happy? Just like any theatrical show, you gotta do some planning and practice ahead of time.

Hiring A Mermaid

Would you like a mermaid to swim at your pool party? How about a mermaid princess to read a story to your little one? When you hire a mermaid, try to have as much information about the event ready as you can before you contact them and if you want them to swim, hire your own lifeguard! The mermaid is a performer, not a lifeguard! Know the date, the location, whether it’s inside/outside, whether the pool is salt or chlorine (eye-safe levels are important) and how close the dressing room is to the pool. Usually a professional mermaid will have a “mer-tender” with her to help her get ready and carry or wheel her in and out of the performance area.

Finding a Just-For-Fun-Pod

If you just like the idea of mermaids and dressing up and you have no interest in being professional, that's fin-tastic too! Type “*your region* mermaids” into Google or social media. You many have to play with key words, for example we’re in Saint Louis Missouri so back in 2019 when I was looking for my future sea-blings, I tried “Midwest Mermaids”,“Saint Louis Mermaids”, and “Missouri Mermaids”, before I got a hit and found my pod of lovely seastars!

There are also many annual mermaid festivals and conventions, such as the Afro Mermaid Summit. These are great places to start off your magical mermaid journey with easy access to coaches, new friends, tails, and of course swimming practice!

Brown skinned mermaid from Saint Louis in an orange Fin Fin tail laying on a beach at sunset, smiling looking into the distance
Mermaid Charis from Saint Louis Missouri

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