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|Amara Arts|

Professional Dancers in Saint Louis, Missouri

Professional dancers are a wonderful addition to any event, gala, wedding, party, or outdoor festival! We offer solo and group choreographed performances!

Join us for class to see what we are all about and then book us for your event!


 Samba is a rich Afro-Brazilian music and dance culture which creates joy and energy out of struggle. The iconic Carnaval parade aesthetic of Rio-style samba dancing is a crowd favourite for big events!


Modern dance, a genre created out of rebellion against ballet in the early 20th century, defies boundaries, giving audiences something to think about. Our abstract modern choreography and interactive experiences are great for concerts, art fairs, and galleries.

Samba Afro

Samba afro, a Bahian genre with a more earthy groove, is perfect for outdoor family festivals and large group lessons due to it's origins as a unifying force in Afro-Brazilian communities. 


Though we specialize in the styles listed, our dancers also have training in West African, Dunham Technique, ballet, jazz, musical theatre, commercial hip hop, cumbia, bomba, reggaetón, and afrobeats. If you have an idea for an event don’t hesitate to pitch it to us!

Mambo / Salsa / Bachata

Afro Latin partner dances are exciting, soulful, and full of history and meaning! Danced with a partner or solo as “shines,” mambo and salsa were born out of the culture of Caribbean communities in mid-1900s New York. Bachata is a soulful style with intricate footwork from the Dominican Republic. Have us perform choreography then learn some steps with us at weddings, bachelorette parties, festivals and birthdays!

Thanks! We'll dance with you soon!


**Our director is training out of the country August 1-24, thanks for your patience in awaiting a response!**

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