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Afro Dance Classes in Saint Louis, Missouri

Our dance classes are fun, energetic, and designed for all levels!

We do not currently offer regular group classes. Sign up for a private lesson!

Thanks! We'll dance with you soon! 

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Dance Fitness

Break a sweat with dance fitness classes in Saint Louis! Charis and Dee offer a fitness class created from Afro-Latin and Caribbean dances including salsa, dancehall, cumbia, samba no pé, samba reggae, and bachata! 

Private Lessons

  • Quicker progress towards your dance goals

  • Personalized attention, custom exercises, and information tailored to your needs

Workshops, Courses, and Pop-Ups

Dance with joy and self love! Our classes and workshops are centered on using African Diasporic movement to take up space and feel liberated in your body!


Private Lessons

Group Lessons

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