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|Amara Arts |

Performance and Education

We consult the philosophies and artistic practices born out of the African Diaspora in the Americas to construct both entertainment events and educational events that stimulate cultural understanding, joy, and wellness!

Translation: We do black dance and it's a lifestyle!

Why Black Dance?
We believe that African, Afro Caribbean, Afro Latin, and African American peoples, in our 500 years on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, have created some really beautiful artistic means for people of all walks of life to better know themselves, their bodies, their past, and the current world around them! Dances like salsa, samba, encourage community, confidence, and taking up space through movement of the torso, hips, and pelvis.  

Why Mermaids?
Black culture has, in the last few years also made a splash in the wider mermaid and aquatic activity communities through companies like Afro Mermaid and researchers like Jalondra Davis. We follow in their wake by creating mermaid shows that highlight the peace, joy, and liberation that come from being in and around water.

We do not currently offer regularly scheduled group classes, stay tuned for class opportunities, otherwise contact us to book performance, private instruction, artist workshops, or cultural consultation services in the Saint Louis area!*

*All of the costumes we use can be altered to fit any age group or desired modesty constraints without losing the essence and joy of the dances we present!

External Educational Programs

Our director is also an occasional cast member in Beyond Measure Dance Theatre's dance history presentation created by Alicia Sunshine called Africa to America  and Samba Bom's Sounds of Brazil. Contact Springboard here to book these shows!


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